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by: August Strindberg

People who ruin themselves through stupid speculation always blame the one person they couldn't fool for their ruin.

It's amazing how a story can be told in two such different ways.

As you can see, I'm a cripple. Some people say it's my own fault; others blame my parents. Personally, I believe life itself is to blame, waiting in ambush for us, and if you avoid one trap, you walk straight into another.

I take an interest in people's destinies.

My whole life is like a book of fairy tales ... although the tales are different, a single thread joins them together, and the same theme, the leitmotif, returns again and again, like clockwork.

I've made people unhappy, but they've made me unhappy. The one cancels out the other.

In the face of what's hopeless there can only be despair!

No fear has he who has done no ill.

He wants power ... All day long he rides around in his chariot, like the great god Thor ... He looks at houses, tears them down, widens streets, builds over public squares. But he also breaks into houses, crawls through windows, destroys people's lives, kills his enemies, and forgives nothing.

You see, when a house gets old, it gets moldy. And when people sit around tormenting each other for so long, they get crazy.

I prefer silence. Then you can hear thoughts and see into the past. In silence you can't hide anything ... as you can in words.

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