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Don Carlos (1787)

O who knows what slumbers in the background of the times?

--Act I, sc. i

A monarch never can too dearly buy
The peace of his own son—his only son.

--Act I, sc. i

Yet have I heard it said that those
Who watch men's looks and carry tales about,
Have done more mischief in this world of ours
Than the assassin's knife, or poisoned bowl.

--Act I, sc. i

Be circumspect
With men—but not with every man alike.
Repel not friends and hypocrites together.

--Act I, sc. i

O the idea was childish, but divinely beautiful.

--Act I, sc. ii

Great souls endure in silence.

--Act I, sc. iv

A moment lived in paradise
Is not atoned for too dearly by death.

--Act I, sc. v

Love is only known by him who hopelessly persists in love.

--Act II, sc. viii

Alas! that when from the Creator's hand
You took mankind, and moulded him to suit
Your own ideas, making yourself the god
Of this new creature, you should overlook
That you yourself remained a human being—
A very man, as from God's hands you came.
Still did you feel a mortal's wants and pains.
You needed sympathy; but to a God
One can but sacrifice, and pray, and tremble—
Wretched exchange! Perversion most unblest
Of sacred nature! Once degrade mankind,
And make him but a thing to play upon,
Who then can share the harmony with you?

--Act III, sc. x

You would plant
For all eternity, and yet the seeds
You sow around you are the seeds of death!

--Act III, sc. x

The mighty dead will not be honored now
By fruitless tears. Tears are for petty sorrows!

--Act V, sc. xi